Wedding Insurance

We think we have found the best wedding insurance on the market

Here at Chic Elite we get asked a lot to recommend wedding insurance thats cheap and covers everything. Well This one is great as no excess fees if you claim! 


  •   *Award-winning wedding insurance policy providing cover for cancellation, rearrangement and much more!

  •   *6 levels of cover, starting at only £25.

  •   *Covers weddings taking place anywhere in the World.

  •   *Protection in the event of failure of wedding service suppliers.

  •   *Covers most pre-existing medical conditions.

  •   *Covers deposits up to 2 years in advance of the ceremony. 

With over 250,000 weddings every year in the UK with an average cost of £17,500, it could be a costly prospect when things go wrong! Common wedding day catastrophes include; financial failure of a wedding service provider, the bride or groom being too ill to walk down the aisle, damage to ceremonial attire and theft of wedding gifts.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance provides your customer with peace of mind knowing they have cover in the event of wedding cancellation and rearrangement, plus much more!

Dreamsaver wedding insurance


  • Our wedding insurance starts at just £25 

  •  *5 Levels of cover to choose from to suit your customer’s wedding plans.

  •   *Financial protection with Cancellation cover up to £50,000* and Rearrangement

    up to £37,500*.

  •   *Can be arranged up to 2 years in advance of the wedding day to protect deposits.

  •   *Protection for deposits paid before the policy start date.

  •   *Protection in the event of cancellation due to Adverse Weather.

  •   *No Excess on any part of the policy.

  •   *Public Liability cover for the couple up to £5,000,000 – required by many wedding venues.

  •   *Available for UK and overseas weddings.

  •   *Financial failure of wedding service suppliers covered up to £15,000.

  •   *Cover for Ceremonial Attire, Rings, Flowers, Attendants Gifts, Wedding Cake and Wedding Gifts.

  •   *Cars and Transport, plus Photography and Video are included.

  •   *Cover is included for Personal Accident, Professional Counselling and Legal expenses.


    Optional extensions available:

     *Public liability for the Guests up to £2,000,000  *Public liability extension up to £5,000,000  *Marquee & mobile WC extension up to £50,000  *Ceremonial swords cover up to £20,000 * Increase cancellation cover up to £50,000 (includes increase of additional costs in respect of rearrangement up £37,500) 

Prices options;

£25 for weddings up to £6000

£37 for weddings up to £10,000

£57 for weddings up to £15,000

£77 for weddings up to £20,000

Multi day wedding insurance (Asian weddings, festival weddings)


  •    *Unique product to Voyager Insurance – no one else has a product like this.

  •    *Cancellation cover up to £100,000 and rearrangement cover up to £75,000.

  •    *Cover for up to 6 events over a period of 94 days.

  •    *Deposits are covered up to 2 years before the ceremony.

  •    *Cover for deposits, even if they have been paid prior to taking out cover

  •    *No excess on any part of the policy.

  •    *Cover for UK & overseas weddings and civil ceremonies.

  •    *Public liability cover for the couple & guests, if required, up to £5,000,000.

  •    *Up to £10,000 cover for ceremonial attire.

  •    *Financial failure of wedding service suppliers up to £25,000.

  •    *Cover for cars & transport, photography & video, professional counselling, legal expenses, personal accident, wedding rings, flowers and MORE!

Optional extensions available including:

Public liability cover
Optional public liability cover for guests Optional marquee cover
Optional increases in cancellation cover


Party insurance


  •    *6 levels of cover available – to suit all sizes of party.

  •    *Cancellation and rearrangement cover for events such as birthday parties,

    anniversaries, Bar Mitzvah’s and engagement parties.

  •    *Financial failure of party service suppliers up to £10,000.

  •    *Cover for loss or damage to gifts, vouchers and the cake!

  •    *Photography and video cover – if the photographer doesn’t arrive, or if there is loss or damage, this

    policy provides cover to take or re-take the photos and/or video.

  •    *Legal expenses up to £10,000.

  •    *Public liability for the individual(s) – often required by the venue.