Chic Elite Charity work

Yes we want to be different!

We want to make a difference!

Enhancing education though health

Building Schools

Sponsoring education

We visit Gambia personally every year to insure our money and suppliers go directly to the causes we support.

We use all of our profits from the wedding fayres to support our direct action project in The Gambia. 

Every year we arrange a shipment of health and education supplies to be sent over and distributed when we arrive. This gives much needed supplies directly to those who we know require it most.


Our partners in the education sponsorship charity let us know when they need help with medical bills for children so they dont miss any school and can go on to earn a living. Focusing on medical bills and holistic health issues like period poverty help us remove some barriers children face.

How it all started

I'm Kelly, the Founder of Chic Elite. I have been running wedding fayres for around 5 years now.


I got involved with a small charity that travels to Gambia every year and sponsors children's school costs. Initially I got involved to help them make a video about their project. After a couple of years I got to know the schools and families in Gambia personally and I decided I would start my own charity project. 


I love the idea of direct action. None of this donating to huge charities and not knowing where your money is going. I love the connection I have made with the communities in Gambia and continue to visit every year.


If  you would like to donate or know more please  contact me at 

Check out our school sponsorship video