Check List for The Best Wedding Photos

You only get one chance to get this right, so printing off a checklist of wedding photo shoots is a good idea!


Go ahead and send this to your photographer ahead of time because you can't assum you will get a certain photo unless you actually request it. I often speak to couples who say they regretted forgetting a family photo with them and their kids, or pictures with camera-shy friends, because they had been too busy to get around to it on the day.


When you look back, you will be kicking yourself that you forgot to ask. So here's our list to get you started. You can emend and add to this, and print it out to stick in your planning folder.


Pre ceremony shots:


  • Bridal getting-ready shots (with make up artist & hair dressers)
  • Dress hanging up
  • Flowers
  • Rings
  • Bride and bridesmaids in dressing gowns, drinking champagne
  • Getting in dress (with bridesmaids doing up dress)
  • Dad seeing bride
  • Mum with bride
  • Bride with bridesmaids and flower girls
  • Bridal shoot (on her own)
  • Groom getting jacket on
  • Grooms men putting flowers on and cuflinks
  • Grooms party arriving
  • Guests arriving
  • Bride arriving
  • Shoot with brides maiden and bride's parents outside ceremony room
  • Ceremony photos throughout
  • Signing of the register photo shoot with witnesses and families



Post ceremony photos:

  • Group photo
  • Bride's side
  • Groom's side
  • Couple with bridesmaids
  • Couple with groomsmen
  • Couple with both sets of parents
  • Couple with grand parents
  • Couple with siblings
  • Couple with their children/ pets if they have them
  • Couple with friends
  • Couple photo shoot in different locations and different poses. Romantic, traditional, quirky, stylish.


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