5 Top Tips To Prevent Boredom Among Guests


We have all been to a wedding where you have eaten your meal and your just sitting around thinking God, we have hours of this left. As a couple planning your day, you're conscious of this and want to insure your guests are entertained. It's a long old day. Especially if your ceremony is around noon, sitting to eat by 3pm. What do you plan from 5pm till midnight?


Luckily there are loads of suppliers and businesses offering solutions, and not all are expensive. So here are some of our finest recommendations;



  1. Photo Booths. These are a great way to keep people busy after the meal and before the dancing kicks off. Book it for around 6pm, people are bored by 8pm and you will have your first dance around then. Kids and adults love it. They get to keep a picture memory of your day and you get a book of the funny images. These vary in price from Magic Mirror's prices (around £500) to the DIY style polaroids on a table with props (from about £150).

  2. Magicians are a great source of entertainment and have a good wow factor. They can start around 6pm and fill that gap where people are sitting around.

  3. Live music. A lot of people book their band for the first dance onwards but you could get an act to fill the gap before. If you have an outdoor area, why not have a nice band or singer providing the pre-sunset background track before everyone goes inside for the dj and first dance?

  4. Games and Casinos. Liven things up after dinner with some casino tables or some outdoor giant jenga. Kids games can be great if you have space.

  5. Kids Bouncy Castles, or Bucking Bronco for the big kids. These can be great if you have the space and weather for it.




You want to avoid people leaving. Many will go to freshen up or change, but a lot will stay. You will be busy at this time, usually grabbing some last minute couple-shots with your photographer while the sun is still up and the lighting is perfect. When you get back, try to do your first dance no later than 8pm as people will want to follow your lead on the dance floor. If you leave it, you will drag out this 'lull time' further.


To find the perfect wedding entertainment get out to some wedding fayres and set a budget aside for entertainment. It all adds to your special day.


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